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A New England Nanny's Pinch Hitter Care Program provides nationwide corporations and local businesses the opportunity to offer dependent backup care as a company-subsidized employee benefit program to its employees. It is a service that provides emergency/temporary backup child care and elder care for families to help them keep work obligations when their dependent is sick, or when the usual child care provider has cancelled at the last minute.

By partnering with A New England Nanny and offering this low cost employee benefit program, you as the employer can avoid the hassle of employees taking a last-minute day off. Employees have the ability to maintain their daily work schedule without canceling any work obligations or missing deadlines!

Pinch Hitter Hours of Operation:
In the case your employee needs emergency/temporary backup child or elder care, they can contact Pinch Hitter:
  • Monday through Thursday: 6am-9pm
  • Friday: 6am - 5pm
  • Sunday: 5pm - 9pm

At the time services are rendered, your employee will pay a reasonable and pre-determined out-of-pocket fee to the child care provider. The company will subsidize the balance.

Your employee is relieved, company morale is high, and your company is winning the fight against employee-parent related absences!

Interested in setting up Pinch Hitter at your own company?
Contact us and see what other companies have found out already: that Pinch Hitter is the best work-family benefit available.

Conference & Event Services

Coming to the Capital Region for a wedding, business trip, conference, or any other event? Contact us for your childcare needs! We provide services for any size group needing childcare, as well as providing babysitters for hotel guests.

Download our Hotel Childcare Request Form

Conference and Event service starts at $45 per day; cost is determined by the group size. Call us for more details!

Read more about our Conference and Event Services!

Read more about our Kids Camp!


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